GC Cooking Challenge

Like the ‘IRON CHEF’ concept

This week Main Ingredient is Aubergine (Eggplant) .   Just remember it is the main ingredient in the Recipe.

One key ingredient what else you add is up to you and your pantry but the essence of the dish should be that key ingredient.

Challenge issued Wednesday and all entries in by Monday so we can vote. Provide a photo and a description of your dish for voters. If using a recipe please cite the book, link, or where ever you got the recipe with the picture.

Voters will vote on each of these categories:
1. most interesting
2. most inventive
3. quick and easy
4. eye-catching
5. mouthwatering
6. unusual
(some more might be added depending on the dishes submitted like: best ethnic category)

The recipe that has the most votes over all tallied by all the categories wins. This way some can still win in different categories but there is still an overall winner.

Gastro Casa Cooking Challenge Winner: The winner must then provide the ingredient for the following week.

You can opt out if the ingredient is something you don’t like or are allergic too obviously we are all busy and not able to compete every week

This is a work in progress so any suggestions right now in getting this all organized are appreciated

It is for fun so get cooking and enjoy!

Entry Form

Facebook Link of the event: https://www.facebook.com/events/129835540466473/


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