Fried Aubergines Rollups with Mozzarella by Kim Vanzi

Fried Aubergines Rollups with Mozzarella

I mentioned this Challenge to my children and they decided to help me out on this. They actually gave me a suggestion rolling up with mozzarella and frying them, then serving with sauce. Now I am sure there are recipes on the web for this but I can assure you we did not look and this one was done by just doing it. The kids had a blast and loved eating them. I liked it because it was my two favorite appetizers rolled in one (fried eggplant and fried mozzarella) Yummy.
The recipe:
1 large Aubergines/Eggplant sliced 1/4 inch thick (salted and water removed from them)
Mozzarella the pizza kind or fresh (if you use fresh you need to squeeze out the water)
eggs beaten
Bread crumbs divided into two bowels
Frying oil
Tomato sauce of your choice

Take the slices of aubergines and lay them on a cookie sheet. Place in hot oven until they are tender and able to be rolled. No oil on them.
Take a slice of aubergine, place some mozzarella on one end and roll up. Use a toothpick to hold together. Best if you do this with the aubergine somewhat warm so it stays rolled when it is cooled off. Continue with all the slices.
Heat up your oil. It needs to be hot before you stick them in.
Take out toothpick and place a roll in the beaten eggs, then into the first bread crumb bowl then back into the eggs then back into the breadcrumbs again. Next into the hot oil. You are only going to be able to do a couple of at a time. Turn them in the oil to brown and then place on paper towels to remove excess oil. Serve with a tomato sauce of your choice.



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