Eggplant Pasher Kebab by Ingrid Christensen

Eggplant Pasher Kebab

Inspired at the final hour!! Thankyou Amber for the Islim Kebab!
Eggplant Pasher Kebab (a dish first prepared for me by a very special friend)

The recipe is – well not exact and you can of course modify to your taste
Peel and dice 1 medium potato (small dice a bit less than 1cm)
Dice 1 medium EGGPLANT/AUBERGINE (slightly bigger dice 1-2cm)
1/2 a Capsicum into 2cm squares
Deep fry the vegetables until cooked and golden then drain
In a separate pan heat some Olive Oil and add;
1 sliced onion – stir until soft then add
Origano & Chilli flakes to taste
1 tin of crushed tomatoes
1/s tsp of sugar if a little too acidic
Bring to a simmer
Add your deep fried veges and heat through

Serve with a side salad and pita bread or as I did tonight with pan fried chicken tenderloins & ENJOY!!


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