Stromboli Stromboli Stromboli by Kim Vanzi

And no not the town in Italy.  Stromboli is a delicious stuffed bread.   I have grown up with Stromboli and have made them many times for parties.  I love them because you can stuff them with almost anything.   I have created three kinds below.

The recipe is simple start with dough that you would use for bread. Here I used basic white.  Roll it flat like a square pizza.  Top with your toppings then either roll it up and crimp the end of the dough and then fold up the sides.  Or you can just fold the two opposite sides crimp and then fold up the reminder sides.  (*note I use this technique if I have a lot of bumpy filling or want to stuff a lot in it).   Flip to seam side down on paper coated cookie sheet, coat the top with either water or beaten egg, make some slits for the steam.  Pop into a 200C oven for about 20 – 30 minutes until bread is hard on top and some oozing from the holes.  Cool some and then slice and serve.  These are great for parties, appetizers, main meals, or even desserts.

Stomboli with Salami Toscana & Mozzarella

This one is easy:  Just slice the salami thin.  Squeeze the water out of the Mozzarella then slice thin.  Top the dough and roll.  continue as above.

Stromboli with Italian Sausage, Onions, Red Peppers, & Stracchino

Very easy but a little more work.  Cook the sausages, onion, and peppers in a skillet.  Then mix with the Stracchino cheese.  Place on top of dough and roll or do the close up method.  Continue as above with cooking.

The Dessert:  Banana & Chocolate Stomboli

This one is also fairly easy.  I kneaded cinnamon and sugar in the dough.  Rolled out the dough and then took banana slices that were dipped in beaten egg whites with sugar and placed in two lines the middle of the dough.  Took dark chocolate chunks and sprinkled all over the top of the bananas.  I used the fold up technique for this one and coated with the rest of the sugar egg whites and baked.  Yummy.


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  1. WOW – looks amazing and all that delicious ham and cheese. Can’t wait to try. There are just not enough days in the week, or meal times!

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