Apple Crumble by Lizabetha


Crumble top:

100g plain flour
50g Butter or Cooking Margerine
75g Brown sugar
teaspoon of Cinnemon
grated ginger cube (for a bit of zing)

This is something I have experimented with adding different things. If you do not have Vino Cotto try and little port or nice dark sherry.

Makes a dish as per size in pic.. serve about 6


2 or 3 Large cooking apple peeled and chopped
70g caster sugar (can use brown)
25g butter
table spoon Vino cotto(my own secret ingredient)

Method: Put plain flour in a mixing bowl and add the butter (cut in small pieces) to the flour and mix together with fingers to make a bread crumb type mixture. Add the sugar and mix in with spoon. Can use a bit more flour and butter to make a bit more if you have a large dish.

Melt the 25g butter in a saucepan and add chopped peeled apples and sugar on low heat. This should carmelise. Add the vino cotto and stir until apples start to soften. Place in baking dish. Any excess liquid can be added over the top on serving. Don’t add to much liquid in dish otherwise the liquid will seep through the crumble toping. Spoon the crumble topping over the top, sprinkle some brown sugar over the top and bake in centre of oven 150 oc for about 20 min or until topping browns. Serve with ice cream, custard, or to be good some natural yoghurt or low fat Creme Freiche.

Tip: You can of course use other fruit like red or blackberries, Rhubarb or add a combination of fruits, like apple and rhubarb.

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