Sweet Panzerottini by Amber

Those that know me, know that panzerotti are sacred in my house. They are something we make for big groups on birthdays. We make them from scratch and fill them with anything and everything. Tomato and Mozzarella always gets top prize.
We tried them with chocolate ganache, banana and walnuts and chocolate and orange marmalade.

Sweet Panzerottini
500 grams of OO flour with extra for sprinkling
1 small, steamed, peeled, cooled, mashed potato
1 cube fresh yeast
5-7 Tablesppoons of oil
Spoonful of sugar or honey (optional)
About 1 cup of water, but you’ll need to play with it.
Fillings, Orange marmalade, fresh banana, chopped walnuts, chopped chocolate
1. Dissolve yeast in one cup of tepid water.
2. In a large mixing bowl, add flour, mashed potatoes, oil and salt and combine. Bowl should be quite large in order to leave room for growth.
3. Add water a little at a time and mix until combined. If dough seems very hard, add water. It should be soft. Dump onto table and mix/knead for a good bit.
4. Put it back in the clean floured bowl and cover with a kitchen towel and place the bowl in a warm place. We put it in our bed covered in down blankets. Leave to rise for 2-4 hours until it has grown 2-3 times.
5. After the rise, dump dough on a floured work surface and work it for a few minutes. It’s ok to add sprinkles of flour at this point if the dough is too sticky to work with.
6. Let rest for 10 minutes.
7. Use a butter knife or pastry cutter to portion off panzerotti balls to be rolled out. The smaller they are, the longer you’ll be standing in front of a fryer. But for dessert, smaller is better as these are pretty rich! We usually roll as we go, but if you are doing this alone, you might want to roll them all out as you can’t leave the hot frying oil empty for long periods of time.
8. Use a rolling pin to roll out until quite thin, but not so thin that they will burst when you close them.
9. Place them on floured surface. Old school peeps might use a floured tablecloth. (Hello, Nonna!)

USE YOUR IMAGINATION. But again, we used chocolate ganache, banana and walnuts and chocolate and orange marmalade.. Both combinations were divine.

Add your filling, but don’t over fill. Make sure you close very well. You could close them empanada style (twisting the edges as you move along) if you’d like, but there is no need. The dough puffs up in the oil and makes them realllllly thick if you do that. You can just press the edges together until the two edges become “one.” Pay extra attention to the ends. Again, it’s important they are not wet when they go in the oil. (there is no need for egg to close. We’ve never ever used it.)

In a large fry pan, add about an inch of Peanut Oil or your favorite frying oil that has a high smoke point. Heat, and add panzerotti. Don’t crowd the pan. Turn over when browned on one side, remove, serve.
Buon appetito.

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