Drunken Torte by Francesco Russo

Here is a recipe I have made in many occasions.
It came from a relative in Rome . I think she got it from a magazine a few years ago and cannot remember which one. Pictures are my own.

Drunken Torte !

A light gooey mixture that combines chocolate and red wine, very easy to make.
Here are the ingredients and the recipe:

250 gr sugar
70 gr bitter cocoa
150 gr soft butter
4 eggs
150 gr flour
1 glass of red wine
1 sachet raising agent ( pan deli Angeli for those on Italy )

Melt, sugar, butter, cocoa and wine very gently on a low flame in a saucepan.
When all nicely melted together save some of the mixture in a glass and put aside.
Into the rest of the mixture add the eggs, the flour and raising agent. Wish until smooth and bubbly, I use an electric whisk !
Put into a 20cm non stick cake tin and bake for 25 minutes at 160 degrees c.
Put a toothpick into cake if it comes out clean it’s done .
When cake has cooled down pierce gently at various points on the top and pour on the glass of the saved mixture and serve !


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