Leak and Salmon Pinwheels by Amber

Leak and Salmon Pinwheels by Amber

3 medium to large leaks
White wine (optional)
100 grams of Cream
500 grams salmon filet (2)
Ground Fennel Pollen to taste
Olive oil

To assemble, you’ll need Saran Wrap and a cooking bag.

1. Finely slice leaks and soak in water to remove dirt. Rinse a few times.
2. Heat a couple of tablespoons of olive oil and slowly sauté the leaks until they are soft. (Don’t forget to add salt and black pepper.) Add wine and cook off alcohol if you are using wine.
3. When leaks are completely soft, add cream and heat through. Mixture should not be runny so adjust quantity if needed!
4. Let leaks cool.
5. Butterfly salmon if it is particularly thick.
6. Lay down piece of saran wrap and lay filet on top. Sprinkle with Fennel pollen. Cover filet with the cooked leaks and roll like you would a filled cake.
7. Wrap the saran wrap around the roll as tightly as you can and put in a bag.
8. Bring a large pot (like one you’d use to boil at least 500 grams of pasta) and turn off. Add bagged salmon, cover pot and let sit.
9. 30 minutes later, you have perfectly cooked salmon.


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