Smoked Salmon Cucumber Sushi Rolls by Kim Vanzi

Smoked Salmon Cucumber Sushi Rolls

I love sushi, but have to watch the raw fish so I figured I would try it with smoked salmon.  Add a bit of cream cheese to counteract the amount of salt in the soy sauce and the salmon plus the refreshing cucumber.  For the rice I used this recipe Sushi Rice (from  and in that recipe I substituted the rice vinegar with apple cider vinegar with a pinch of sugar (came from The Cook’s Thesaurus).  This is very important to follow the recipe precisely or the rice will not have the right texture and stickiness needed.

Sushi Nori Wraps
Prepared Sushi Rice
Finely sliced cucumbers partially skinned and with the seeds removed
Finely sliced carrots
Smoked salmon pieces
cream cheese
Toasted sesame seeds (optional)
Soy sauce, wasabi, ginger

It is best if you have a rolling mat but if not you can use a kitchen towel and plastic wrap.  Take your mat I like to put plastic wrap on that too just because I am a neat freak, but you don’t have too.  Place the nori sheet on the plastic wrap, wet your hands with water and take the rice and pat it all over the mat leaving a space above of about 1 inch with out rice, keep wetting hands to press the rice down.  Then top with Salmon going across in a row.  Same with the vegetables.  I put a small layer of cream cheese mixed with some wasabi in a line after the salmon and before the vegetables.  Next is the hard part roll up your sushi slowly, tightly, and squeezing to make sure everything is tight.  Do this to until you have about 1 cm left. Then wet the nori slightly with your finger dipped in water continue to roll to the end.  Take your log of sushi to a cutting board with a very sharp knife you can cut it into an 1 and 1/2 inch segments. Dip in toasted sesame seeds.   place on a nice dish an serve with chopsticks, soy sauce, extra wasabi, and ginger.  Get some sake and make a whole Japanese meal.

Note:   IF you can get really fresh fish you can do it with fresh fish instead of smoked salmon.  You can also just make an all vegetable sushi.  Shrimps, eel and octopus should always be cooked.


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