SHU MAI by Amber

SHU MAI by Amber


250 grams shrimp, peeled, cleaned and chopped
200 grams of ground pork
1-2 green onions if you are in Italy, more if you are not. Chopped
½ inch piece of ginger peeled and chopped
Handful of button mushrooms chopped
Dash of soy sauce
Dash of sesame oil
Sprinkle of Salt
Peas for garnish
1-2 tablespoons of corn starch

2 cups flour and more for dusting
½ cup water

Dipping Sauce
2 tablespoons of soy sauce
1 table spoon of rice wine vinegar
Chopped green onion to taste
Chopped ginger to taste

To make Filling: Add all vegetable ingredients (except peas) to food processor and grind until fine then add proteins and combine well by pulsing food processor. Refrigerate until ready to use.

Make dough using warm-hot water and flour. About 2 cups of flour to a ½ cup to a cup of water . Prepare as you would any pasta. Let rest for a 10 minutes and roll our long cylinders as you would gnocchi. Cut, disks as you would gnocchi, but flatten them into large-ish disks. **********
To fill, put a dollop of filling in the middle and close pasta around the sides. Put a pea on top as a garnish.

Dumplings need to be steamed in a steamer, but don’t forget to line your steamer with lettuce leaves or the dumplings will stick. I used a basic market steamer insert in a big soup pot. Worked fine for me.

*********The above has been adapted from Use Real Butter. Please visit for better instructions for the dough and some wonderful dumpling recipes!!!!!

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