Buttery tomato sauce from Calle Cerviño by Tina Ferrari

Buttery tomato sauce from Calle Cerviño by Tina Ferrari

This is my own variation of a recipe that my aunt and I invented when I was living in Buenos Aires. You might be thinking, “WHY would you put butter in tomato sauce? Tina!” Well, good olive oil is almost impossible to find down there, yet we were craving a good tomato sauce. Since there is absolutely no excuse to use bad olive oil, my aunt suggested using butter, and it worked out really well. She was staying in an apartment on Calle Cerviño at the time, so the recipe is named after the street. The original version we made in Buenos Aires is to remain a secret, however. 😉
This is NOT low-fat.

a stick of butter
about 8 san marzano tomatoes, chopped – OR a bunch of cherry tomatoes
however many fresh basil leaves you’d like
salt (amount depends on your preferences – I tend to use a tablespoon, which might be a lot for some people)

Put the butter, tomatoes and salt into a large pan on med-high heat. When the tomatoes start getting soft, you can start squishing them a bit with a spoon or whatever you have. At this point add the basil leaves and let them cook with the sauce. Add salt and pepper to taste. I recommend cooking for a good half hour or more. 🙂 Something I did just before serving, was add about a tablespoon extra virgin olive oil to the sauce.

Good with any shape of pasta.

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