Giselle’s take on Huevos Rancheros! by Giselle Stafford

Giselle’s take on Huevos Rancheros!

I had Huevos Rancheros in Berkeley, California a few years back in a cute little hippy style cafe – they were awesome!  All I really remember was there were refried beans underneath the tomatoey sauce and black bean sauce may have been involved!

So … I hunted around in the fridge and cupboards and came up with this recipe – it really is my own, and this is definitely not traditional – but we scarfed them down for lunch yesterday and we both say YEAY!! It’s a winner in the Stafford house!



What you need 

1 red onion cut into wedges

6 large ripe tomatoes – the vine ones have great taste.

(chop 4 of them and cut 2 of them into wedges)

2 tsp black bean sauce (that’s all I had left!)

Half tsp sambal oelek (I think green chilli is more traditional, but I didn’t have any!)

1 tsp ground cumin

Handful of fresh chopped parsley (or coriander if you have it – mine is still in the seedling stage!)

Refried beans – I had a 400g tin, used half of it, but I think they come in smaller tins too.

Melty cheese, grated – I used some of our precious cheddar stash.

4 eggs

Salt (optional)

Tortillas for dipping and mopping up the sauce – as many as you feel you need!


What to do …..

Heat up the oil in a wide frying pan or wok type pan.  Add the onion and gently fry until softened and a little translucent.

Add the chopped tomatoes, reserving the tomato wedges until a little later.

Add the black bean sauce, sambal oelek, cumin and most of the chopped parsley (save a sprinkle for the finish)

Cook on a med high heat and reduce the liquid, it should start to thicken.

When the mix is thick enough for you, give it a little taste and maybe add some salt if you feel it needs it.

Add the tomato wedges and stir through.

Make 4 dents in the mix, and drop an egg in each one – so make the dents evenly spaced!

(My mix was a little too liquid, so it was difficult to make the dents, however, the result was still great!)

Turn the heat down a notch to a medium heat.

Cover the pan with a lid for a few minutes to help cook the eggs.

In the meantime, warm some refried beans spread on the bottom of a grill/oven proof dish (I used a terracotta one).

Heat the grill.

When the whites have, well, turned white, with a large spoon, carefully – CAREFULLY transfer the mix and hopefully unbroken eggs on top of the refried beans.

Sprinkle with the cheese and pop it all under a grill until it’s all bubbly and there are patches of brown on the cheese.

Sprinkle the remaining parsley on top and serve with the warmed tortillas.

You can put the pot between you and just share directly out the serving dish or serve up into warmed wide bowls!

This serves 2 hungry folk!



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