Artichoke, feta, mint, prosciutto roll

Artichoke, feta, mint, prosciutto roll by Dwight Stanford


I usually have too many fresh artichokes, so I have to eat them 3X a day during season. This is a nice, fresh recipe I found:


Ingredients (serves 8)

100g goats feta
6 (about 100g) slices prosciutto
1 x 280g btl whole marinated artichokes, drained, halved
1/4 cup firmly packed fresh mint leaves

Use a sharp knife to cut the feta into 3cm-wide slices. Cut the prosciutto lengthways into 1cm-wide slices.
Top each artichoke half with 1 feta slice and 1 mint leaf.
Wrap 1 prosciutto slice around each artichoke stack and place on a serving platter. Season with pepper to serve.
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Good Taste – October 2007
Good Taste – October 2007, Page 94
Recipe by Cynthia Black

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