Amy’s Speck stuffed gnocchi in pear and gorgonzola sauce

I made a normal gnocchi recipe for 4 people but after rolling out the strips I made disks of about 3 cm and filled them with minced speck.
For a kg of potatoes I used 150 grams of speck
For the sauce

4 Williams pears(small)
100 grams of gorgonzola
100 grams of” Duetto” (50% gorgonzola 50% marscapone)
60 grams Butter
60 ml cream(panna liquida)
a pinch of black pepper
a pinch of salt
a dash of nutmeg(optional)

Peel and cut the pears into cubes. Saute them in the butter in frying pan until they are soft and Amber(hihi) colored. Take it off the heat and add salt and pepper.
When the pears are done put your gnocchi water on when its boiling..
Cut the gorgonzola and duetto into cubes and put it in with the pear and butter. I added little by little the cream until it was all melted together and creamy.
Cook and drain the gnocchi, put the sauce on them and mix and add grate a dash of nutmeg.

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