Sarah’s Delicious Stuffed Potato Shells with Cheese and Bacon.

Great for a party, buffet or even as a meal accompaniment or evening snack.

Make as many as you like!

Small to Medium Potatoes
Salt & Pepper
Bacon or Pancetta
Olive Oli

Take a tray of small to medium size potatoes (depending on how many you are cooking for but we usually allow 2 per person), wash, remove any eyes, prick with a fork, drizzle with olive oil and a sprinkling of salt, cover with tin foil and bake for around 45 mins to 1 hour at 190oC until soft.

Once cooked, remove from the oven, cool slightly and cut each potato in half.

Gently scoop out the cooked potato flesh and place in a bowl. Leave a small amount of potato in the shell all round, so that it doesn’t fall apart.

Gently fry 1 pack of pancetta or 4 rashers of chopped bacon until brown.

Mash the potato in the bowl with a little milk and add salt, pepper, a handful of grated cheddar cheese (or other strongish cheese) and the cooked bacon.

At this stage you can add any other ingredients you fancy or even make the shells vegetarian by using chopped peppers, sweet corn, etc etc.

Place some oil into a frying pan and once hot, fry the empty potato shells until crispy. Drain on kitchen paper.

Fill the browned, crispy shells with your potato mixture and top with more grated cheese.

Place on a baking sheet and bake until bubbly and golden for around 30 mins at 180oC.



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