Temple’s Ravioloni with pear and ricotta filling

Dough for pasta (use commercial or your favourite recipe)
Ripe pears
Lemon juice

1 Egg
Poppy seeds

Preparation: peel the pears and rough grate them into a bowl and add lemon juice to keep from browning. Mix with the ricotta, egg and salt and pepper. Make the ravioloni and simmer until the pasta is done (don’t let them boil, they’ll fall apart); using a slotted spoon, carefully transfer one at a time to a plate covered with a dish towel. Pat off excess water. Melt the butter and add poppy seeds; let cook for about 4-5 minutes, then transfer the ravioloni to plates and pour the sauce over them. Optional: fresh grated parmesan. We calculated 1 raviolone per person but they were so good we ate 2!


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