Temple’s Roast loin of pork with shallots and pears

Tonight I did a riff on the usual pork and apple ho hum. Roast loin of pork with shallots and pears. Coated a loin with olive oil by hand, S&P, studded it with cloves and hot roasted long enough to brown, about 30-40 minutes; down heat and added just enough water to deglaze the forming caramel. Basted and roasted for another hour. Added peeled shallots and basted again. Half hour before finishing, I peeled/sliced one of those beautiful red skinned pears, put the slices in a bowl with enough red wine (barbera to be precise) to coat generously and added pear slices and wine to the roasting pan. Took out pork when done and finished the pears and shallots until I had a lovely sauce but the pears were still fairly intact. Sliced pork thinly and served with sauce. We ended up almost licking the roasting pan. Pears add a whole nuther dimension to the finished item.


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