Ingredients (6 persons):· 300gr. rice· 1 onion· 1 leek· 1 carrot· 1 chicken breast-1 tablespoon olive oil· 1 egg· 3 tablespoons soy sauce
Cook the rice. Chop vegetables and breast. Heat a skillet or wok with oil and saute the chicken breast, add the vegetables and sauté. Add above fried rice-shaped mountain. Break the egg into the middle and mix with vegetables. Season with soy. Serve hot. Decorate with strips of chives. Recipe by Anna Blay

Hot and Sour Soup by Joann Buck

Hot and Sour Soup by Joann Buck



4 C chicken or vegetable stock
1.5 C cabbage sliced thin (can use chinese cabbage if available)
1 pkg (about 1.5 C) coarsely chopped oyster mushrooms or plain button mushrooms
1 T Grated ginger or more to taste
1 Bunch of green onion sliced
1.5 C bean sprouts if you can find them
3 T cornstarch w/ water or stock
½ pagkage frozen shrimp or cubed tofu
½ to ⅔ C red wine vinegar
1 to 2 T ground white pepper or more to taste
1 or 2 tsp sugar
2 T soy sauce or more
1 tsp sesame oil
1 egg

Bring cabbage and stock to boil. Add mushrooms and simmer 10 min.
add grated ginger, ½ of the green onions and cook for 5 minutes, add cornstarch with liquid and boil, stirring, to thicken.
add pepper, vinegar, sugar, soy sauce, shrimp or tofu (or any protein you prefer) and cook for another 5 minutes
drizzle in egg and take off the heat
stir in sesame oil

This recipe is not precise, it is important to get the broth the way you like it, should be spicy, then you can use any protein or other vegetables that you like. I have long ago lost the source for the recipe.

Kung Po Turkey? by Dwight Stanford

Kung Po Turkey? by Dwight Stanford


2tbsp sesame oil heated in wok
add 2 chili peppers,diced
1/2 cup fennel, diced
1/2 cup cauliflower, diced
1/2 cup carrots, diced
(1/4-1/3 cup of shelled, halved peanuts if no allergy)
100 gm/person cubed turkey breast (or chicken breast)
cook several minutes until turkey is fully cooked
boil 80-100 gm/person of rice (I used faro, rice and orzo)
de-glaze the wok with 1/2 cup white wine and a tbsp of sugar and when partially reduced use as a sauce for the wok ingredients.
Plate the rice and flavor with soy sauce to taste, top with stir-fried stuff and the sauce and serve with a nice Riesling or Gewurtztraminer.

SINGAPORE SLING by Temple Perrotta

SINGAPORE SLING by Temple Perrotta

My entry to the contest: Ok I did have time to find this, and since we’re mostly slaving over a hot stove here, I thought we could all use a drink. This one is loads of fun:
1/2 oz grenadine syrup
1 oz gin
sweet and sour mix (unlikely you’ll find this down your local Esselunga so substitute lemonade)
club soda
1/2 oz cherry brandy

Pour grenadine into the bottom of a collins glass, and fill with ice. Add gin, and almost-fill with equal parts of sweet and sour and chilled soda. Top with cherry brandy, and serve unstirred, garnished with a cherry.

Courtesy of drinksmixer.com

Summer Rolls with Sweet Chili Dipping Sauce by Maureen Plotts Horvath

Summer Rolls with Sweet Chili Dipping Sauce by Maureen Plotts Horvath

Competition Entry Vietnamese Summer Rolls. I have offered some substitutions in the recipe for some of the ingredients. This is such an easy thing to create and especially with all the Spring vegetables coming into the market. Enjoy!

Coconut Rice by Kim Vanzi

Coconut Rice by Kim Vanzi

adapted from From The Essential Asian Cookbook


It was really good. Put the onions, garlic, ginger in a pan with some oil cook a bit then throw in the rice and turmeric cook about 2-3 minutes, then put in the hot coconut milk bring back to a boil. Throw in Curry leaves if you have and salt bring heat to very low, cover and let cook for 25 minutes. Take lid off and turn off the heat and let sit for 10 minutes and done. Top with cucumbers, hard boiled eggs and hot pepper slices or red pepper if you don’t like heat. I also added some small shrimp.

Thai dessert! Deep Fried Banana by Tina Ferrari

Thai dessert! Deep Fried Banana

This is a recipe I learned at the Basil Cookery School in Chiang Mai, Thailand. My advice: always make twice as many as you think you and your guests will be eating. These are so addicting that the recommended serving is never enough.


5 small bananas (or if you can only find large bananas, cut them in half)
1/2 cup grated coconut
1/2 cup rice flour*
1/4 cup wheat flour
1/4 cup sugar
1 tbsp sesame seeds*
1 tsp salt
1 cup cold water
4 cups vegetable oil

1. Peal and slice the bananas lengthwise (VERY important – lengthwise only! Otherwise the banana will curl when cooking). One banana could be sliced into 3-4 slices.

2. Mix rice flour, wheat flour, sugar, sesame seeds, salt and grated coconut together. Add water and stir thoroughly until the batter is mixed well.

3. Preheat the oil over medium heat in a deep pan or a wok. Dip the banana slices into the batter and then place them into the heated oil. Deep-fry until they are brown, and then transfer to a strainer to drain the oil. (Or in my case, I just put them onto a paper towel).

Delicious alone or with coconut ice cream if you can find it.

*I have omitted the sesame seeds before and it was really just fine without.
** Rice flour is easily found in Italy; I’ve found that a lot of supermarkets have a gluten-free section. Or ask at the pharmacy. Otherwise you can also find it at any Chinese grocery. If you can’t find it, I don’t see why you couldn’t just omit it and use only wheat flour. In the end it’s deep-fried so it will still be delicious!