Orange Risotto with Prawns and Feta by Jo Williams

Orange Risotto with Prawns and Feta by Jo Williams

Ok. Looks messy…I meant to take a photo of the risotto on its own and forgot. So basically orange risotto with prawns and feta.

For 2 people:
half a mug of rice
prawns (as many as you want)
2 oranges
some butter
a big piece of onion
dash of white wine
veg stock.

Put oil and a teaspoon of butter in frying pan and add a large piece of onion for a min. Add the rice for 2 mins and then the wine. Add the prawns and slowly add the veg stock and juice of 1 orange until rice is cooked and then fold in the cleaned pieces of the other orange, feta, teaspoon of butter and salt and pepper. Recipe doesn’t need the feta or the feta can be substituted for Parmesan, goat’s cheese, blue cheese etc etc