Turkey Cutlets in a Spicy Orange Sauce by Marla Gulley Roncaglia

Turkey Cutlets in a Spicy Orange Sauce by Marla Gulley Roncaglia

Here’s an easy peasy citrus recipe, if there is still time to tuck this one onto the contest.

Turkey Cutlets in a Spicy Orange Sauce

Yields 4 cutlets



4 medium pieces of turkey, chicken or beef cutlets

4 slices of speck , or smoked ham

White flour to dust cutlets

1-2 garlic cloves, sliced in half

2T- ¼ c (24-50g) olive oil

1 T Cointreau or white wine if you like

1/2 -3/4c (118 ml) orange juice or juice of 2 blood oranges

1 T hot pepper jelly*, add more if you want it hotter or add some dry hot pepper





Cut your turkey or chicken pieces into slices or use already prepared cutlets

Flatten Turkey pieces with a mallet or meat mallet to flatten and tenderize.

Lay one piece of Speck or smoked ham and fold the turkey cutlet and ham over in half.

Heat a sauté pan or skillet large enough to hold the 4 cutlets.

Lightly salt and pepper each cutlet and then dredge the cutlets in some white flour to coat.

Place the garlic clove halves in the pan with a generous amount of olive oil and begin to sauté the cutlets over a medium heat turning once when the edges begin to show a bit of color.

Remove the cutlets and set aside, keeping them warm.

Turn up the heat slightly, add the Cointreau to deglaze the pan. Once the alcohol evaporates, add the orange juice lifting all the pan juices till incorporated. Add the cutlets, turning if necessary to cover with sauce simmer gently till the liquid had reduced and slightly thickened.

Remove cutlets and serve topped with your pan sauce.

* I used my home made pepper jelly.