Jerusalem Artichoke Recipes Requested by Angie

Marina – lovely roasted, scrub well but dont worry bout peeling, smidge of olive oil and salt, take about the same time as butternuts and sweet spuds to roast, faster than ordinary spuds.

Marina – fab soup – peel and boil until soft with a chopped onion, use with some chicken stock or good veg bouillion, liquidise into creamy soup, add good glug of cream and pepper. Open windows after digesting

Marla – We eat them raw sliced up in salads, raw with bagna cauda,

Kate  –Wash the artichokes and cut them smaller if they’re huge and chunky (these don’t look that way though), then melt some butter in a pan with a bay leaf, some sprigs of thyme, a couple of garlic cloves in their skins and freshly ground black peppercorns. 
-Add the artichokes and sautèe gently until they’re browning round the edges. 
-Turn the heat down, stick a lid on the pan and leave them until they’re soft in the middle and caramelised around the edges. (depends on how big they are – maybe 20 mins?) Give the pan a shake every so often to stop them sticking.
-Dish out onto a plate and eat, squeezing the garlic cloves out of their skins and getting your fingers buttery. Yum.

Sandra – 

topinambur 150 grammi
parmigiano reggiano grammi 50
uovo 1
farina 2 cucchiai
olio e.v.di oliva ligure ( Abbo) 1 cucchiaio
sale e pepe q.b.

preriscaldate il forno a 140°
lessate in pochissima acqua i topinambur pelati.. fateli raffreddare.
Scolate i tuberi e frullateli nel blender.. a parte sbattete un uovo con un pizzico di sale e pepe.. grattuggiate il parmigiano e aggiungetelo all’uovo sbattuto con la farina e per ultimi i topinambur.. aggiungete un cucchiaio di olio.. distribuite il composto in 4 formine di alluminio oliate ed infarinate.. cuocete in forno a bagnomaria per circa 20 minuti..
servire gli sformati tiepidi.