Health Remedies

Health Alternative Remedies

When we are sick we are always looking for ways to battle the symptoms.  Here are some suggestions from our group.

A good creme to use in winter for colds or bronchitis:

Fill a jar with clean snow, add Virgin olive oil, mint (if you have them fresh from the freezer it’s better), eucalyptus (could be dried or oil) and camphor. Close the jar and keep it in a warm room for at least 10 days, shaking it a couple of times a day. This can be used as a Vicks Vapor rub, spread it on your chest, or even in hot water on a stove to evaporate in the room where you stay mostly. From Sally

Recipe for “Chamomile oil” for massages (not for consumption!):

Take 20 grams of dried Chamomile flowers (best if organic or picked from garden), 100 grams of Extra Virgin Olive oil. Heat over water in a double saucepan for 2 hours (you’ll need to check the level of water below quite often). Then filter it (I use a kitchen rag “straccio per asiugare”) You may need to squeeze out the oil that adheres to the flowers. Great for rheumatic problems, especially if you add Camphor. From Beth

To use for a stiff neck:

Not quite an “herbal” remedy, but when you get what Italians refer to as “Torcicollo” (I suppose in America, we call it a kink in your neck) due to humidity (cold + humid), heat up “Sale grosso” in a pan (dry), put it in a cloth, and apply to the affected area. My son had this happen on a number of occasions, and it hasn’t failed us yet! (Grandma’s home remedy, as they say in Italian “ricetta della nonna”) From Beth

For Cough:

You need to get a bag of semi di lino, farmacia or even some of the supermarkets, boil them in red wine for a while and they will get all jelly like, then you wrap them in a towel or two like a pack and put them on your chest and stay covered up..they will be super hot but you have to resist (but don’t put on boiling hot let cool some). You can reheat them again and do it again. After one day you need to throw them out.get a couple bags and repeat. by Amy a friend of Kim

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